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Toys for Wolfson Children's Hospital

If you've visited our office, you may have noticed the toy shelves on the wall outside of the main conference room. For several years, we have collected toys to deliver to Wolfson Children's Hospital. This is a great way to brighten up a child's day and it's such a blessing to be able to give to this great cause.

5 Ed Slott Clips Retirees Won't Want to Miss

Topics: Tax Planning IRA

Featured eBook: Two Ways Retirees May Be Able to Save Taxes on Their IRAs

Topics: Tax Planning IRA

Are Taxes Going Up in the Future?

No one has a crystal ball that provides a definitive answer to future tax liability. But if you look at the situation as a whole, now might be an excellent time to look at your options.

Topics: Tax Planning

Traveling in Retirement: Satisfying Wanderlust in Retirement with a Well-Tended Nest Egg

Big thanks to David O. for doing this interview. He and his wife, Susan, are long-time clients and great friends of everyone at Stratton & Company. David is one of the most active travelers we know, and we asked him to share some of his experience and travel insights especially suited for retirees who are looking to hit the road.

Topics: Travel Budgeting

Featured eBook - Annuities 101

 Have you downloaded our free booklet, Annuities 101? It's the basis for our workshop by the same name, and it's available for free download here.

Our Favorite Yogi-isms

From the New York Times:

Join us for our September Open House!

We had a great time at this get-together! Click here to see our upcoming events.

I've heard it said that seeing a financial representative is kind of like seeing a marriage counselor and a dentist at the same time! No wonder so many folks put off the meeting!

The Facts About Retirement Annuities, Part 1

Learn more in our free Annuities 101 booklet

RVing in Retirement: 7 Tips for Getting Started

Has the open road been calling your name since you were in stuck in the rat race during your working years? Retirement is a great time to finally see the many wonders of the continental U.S. through an oversized window.