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3.1.24 Peak Interest Rates? How to Maximize the Benefits of This Unique Moment for YOUR Assets and Income  

Market Update-1

Dear Clients, Friends, and Retirees,

We are in a very unique time. Rates are possibly at their peak, the market is facing uncertainty and possibly volatility, and inflation is tightening retiree budgets.

For these reasons, we have been reviewing EVERY client account and calling clients who we KNOW should be considering these rates for several months. However, there may be certain situations in your life that we are unaware of, and we don’t want YOU to miss this special moment.

So, we are inviting EVERYONE to a special event to ensure you have the opportunity to take advantage of this unique time.


This event is for you if:

  • You are under 75 and believe you may need additional income in the future.

  • You are over 75 and feel that your options are too limited.

  • You do not need more income but would like protection from potential upcoming market volatility.

  • You have cash currently earning short-term rates.

  • You do not need income but would like to maximize potential bonus interest rates.

Many financial leaders believe that we are either at the peak of the fixed interest rate market or very close to it. That means now is the time to lock in these rates.


This talk will apply to everyone mentioned above. We will discuss:

  • What are the available rates? For income? For fixed interest? For upfront bonuses? How can these rates apply to your needs?

  • For income: you may be able to substantially increase your future income—even if you don't need more income TODAY, you can take advantage of today's rates, which may be lower when you need income later.

  • For fixed interest: What are other options besides short-term rate products? How can you avoid the long-term consequences of missing out on today's rates?

  • For upfront bonuses: What type of bonuses are companies offering right now?

  • For those over 75: What are the new options that you may not have had available to you in the past?

  • For those who don’t need income now: How can you leverage the current high interest rate and market values to secure a greater return on your funds?

This is a special event to help you take advantage of these rates NOW, while they are at their projected peak. Space is limited, so RSVP today by clicking the link below or giving us a call! There is no cost or obligation, just good food, conversations, and information.

Topic: Peak Interest Rates - How to Maximize the Benefits of This Unique Moment for YOUR Assets and Income  
When: Wednesday, March 6th  
Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM  
Where: The Refinery at Jax Beach  
831 1st St. N., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


Please click here to RSVP with your preferred date and the number of attendees. You can also reply to this email, or call Grace at our office at (904) 425-0943.


Looking forward to an enriching and enjoyable gathering!






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