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3.27.24 A Female Focused Luncheon: Women in Retirement

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Dear Clients, Friends, and Retirees,

You're invited!

Join us on our final Wednesday at the Refinery for a Female Focused luncheon discussing Women in Retirement.  Bring a friend, family member or colleague who may be in or nearing retirement and enjoy lunch on us! Space is limited, so RSVP today - details below. 

Whether it’s a divorce or loss of a spouse, a change in marital status can dramatically change your financial situation in retirement.

Potential financial impacts include:

  • Reduction in Social Security benefits - any spousal or survivor benefits will more than likely be less than if the husband were still alive.

  • Loss of pension income - survivors don’t automatically receive the same amount as their spouses, it all depends on how the individual pension was set up. Be sure you know what the survivor benefit is before your husband passes away.

  • Tax implications or increases - fewer deductions and tax credits as well as differences in household income can really add up.

  • Retirement accounts - having to split assets, paying estate taxes, or even a reduction in 401(k) required minimum distributions are all possible outcomes if a divorce or death occurs.

Husbands welcome! Bring them to join in on this conversation so you can plan together.  Regardless of your current marital status, now is the best time to start finding answers to your questions.

If you have questions you'd like to discuss or know a friend, colleague or loved one who could benefit from the this discussion, please extend them an invite and join us! Space is limited, so RSVP today by clicking the link below or giving us a call! There is no cost or obligation, just good food, conversations and information. 

Topic: Women in Retirement: What You Need to Know to be Prepared

When: Wednesday, March 27th
Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where: The Refinery at Jax Beach, 831 1st St. N., Jax Beach


Looking forward to an enriching and enjoyable gathering!




Eric Stratton, Sam Magdalein and Your Retirement Team





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