Myths, Facts & Half-Truths: Five Tips for Protecting Yourself and Your Assets

Information about the financial industry is everywhere. You can access information about the financial world on the radio, from newspapers, the evening news and it’s at your fingertips by searching on the internet.

But, with so much financial information to sort through, how can you know the difference between fact and fiction?

Like the saying goes, "knowledge is power." A solid understanding of your unique financial situation is the best defense against becoming a victim of a scam or a risky financial decision.

Topics: Retirement Income Distribution

6 Risks to Plan for in Your Retirement Strategy

Retirement is an exciting time but it can also be unpredictable. No matter how well you plan for your golden years, there will be events and circumstances that could side rail your strategy. Reduce the chance of having to lower your lifestyle standard as you get older by planning for the risks in retirement.

Topics: Retirement Income Distribution

Retirement Income Distribution 101

During retirement, you switch your focus from wealth accumulation to income distribution. You carefully shift spending to support your ideal lifestyle instead of being focused on savings. Now, your income is directly related to how hard you and your portfolio have worked through the past few decades and it’s your time to enjoy the “workless” lifestyle.

With this evolution in mindset and change in lifestyle, it is important to understand some basics of retirement income distribution. Concepts such as minimum distributions, age restrictions, and tax implications will affect what you do and how you do it.

Topics: Retirement Income Distribution