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Your Anniversary Program: Looking at the Big Picture

Now that 2014 is in full swing, many of you have experienced our new anniversary program. This new process gives us an opportunity to look at “the big picture” to make sure your retirement financial strategy still aligns with your retirement goals from year to year. Through this process, we focus on three areas: your goals, products that can help you reach those goals, and educational opportunities to keep you in-the-know about changes in the financial industry. We understand that there has been some confusion as to exactly what this new program is, especially among our clients who have not yet experienced it. Let’s tackle some of the frequently asked questions that we have received since the program began:

How is this program different from my usual review process?

This new program is a way to celebrate our clients and check in to make sure you are happy with your financial strategy and our customer service. Once a year, you’ll receive a special delivery from us, along with an invitation to a private luncheon for anniversary clients. You’ll also enjoy a personal review appointment and an exclusive VIP experience at one of our social events.

So this isn’t for my wedding anniversary?

No, this will be your Stratton & Company anniversary going forward. All that really means is that this is when we celebrate you being a part of our Stratton & Company family!

Why is my anniversary month in June when I joined Stratton & Company in February?

Your anniversary month will be tied to one of your contract anniversaries, which may not align with when you first started coming to Stratton & Company events or when your first contract went into effect. We don’t want to ask you to come to our office more often than necessary, so we have tried to tie your anniversary month to a contract anniversary for which we know you’ll have to visit the office.

What if I have multiple contracts?

If you have multiple contracts, Marena will pick one contract anniversary to be your celebration month. Normally this will be for a contract we know you will have to come in to the office to review. You will still receive a letter from Marena for your other policies and meet with her as necessary to take care of those policies. We will continue to take care of you throughout the year but we will pick one month during which to celebrate you!

What is an exclusive VIP experience?

Every other month at one of our social events, we’ll recognize our clients who have had their anniversary review in the last two months with an extra special experience. (For example, if you receive your anniversary package in April and your review appointment occurs in May, you will be invited to participate in our VIP experience at the end of May.) Everyone will be invited to participate in one of these exclusive events at some point throughout the year. The experiences will vary based on the theme and style of the social event.

When is my anniversary month?

The most important question for everyone is, “When do I get to start celebrating?!” Feel free to call Sarah or Kate at the office and we will let you know which month to expect your celebration to begin.